Online Therapy

The benefits of online therapy:

You are not limited to choosing a therapist near you 
You can look for a therapist who has the background or experience you feel you need
You can be more flexible with scheduling appointments
It is possible to do couple or relationship work even when the couple are in different places
Because the therapist generally has less overheads (eg room rent), the cost is competitive
You can talk from the privacy and comfort of your own home
We can combine skype and email contact if that is helpful

Other factors to consider:

If you want to have a therapeutic relationship through email, you will need an email address that is private.
If you want to talk to me, you will need: 
A quiet confidential place where you can talk free from distractions
A reasonably high speed internet connection
A webcam and microphone (most laptops etc now have these as standard) 
To download Skype if you dont already have it (Skype is as secure as other platforms)
You will need to be able to transfer the fee either by bank transfer or Paypal 

Take the first step

In the first instance, we will talk or email to see if we can work together, and then we can agree an initial contract. There is no charge for the initial session or introductory emails.  Contact me to book!