Couples/Relationship Counselling

Counselling can be very effective as a way of improving our closest and most intimate relationships. As well as supporting people who have a shared goal of staying together in a more satisfying way, counselling can also support those who have decided to separate, and wish to do this in the least damaging way for all affected. 

It is the role of the couples/relationship counsellor to create a safe space where partners are able to speak freely and with the confidence that they will each be respected, listened to and understood, by both the therapist and their partner or partners.

The interaction between the partners is the principle focus for the therapist. It is not about who is right and who is wrong, it's about how each partner contributes to the relationship, creating their unique dynamic. Positive outcomes are most likely when the couple are willing to become more self-aware and to be emotionally vulnerable to each other. Counselling can help couples stop seeing each other as the opponent and to start working together for a shared and happier outcome. This way we move from a competitive relationship to a cooperative one. 

I have extensive experience of working with relationships of all kinds, not just heterosexual and cis gendered. I actively welcome gay couples, those who identify as queer, and those who have less conventional relationships.  

Seeking counselling is not a sign of failure, it's a sign of strength and commitment. We all need help and support at stressful times in our lives. Relationships are hard work, and counselling can be an opportunity to enrich our relationships and to feel more confident within them. 

If you would likes to meet and see if we can work together, contact me to arrange a session. The first meeting is always free. If you would like to have online couples or relationship counselling, go to online therapy for more details.